Friday, March 27, 2009

zbrush updates

Just some updates (more detail on the hammer) and also a tree trunk we had to model.

Thursday, March 26, 2009

Starting Zbrush

Just started learning Zbrush, we had to model a basic hammer in maya and then do all the details in zbrush, add the detail as a displacement map and then render it out.
Zbrush is pretty cool as you can add detail real quickly to very basic meshes! =) ....but im still not really a modelling

Saturday, March 21, 2009

Assignment stuff

Am currently at school on a saturday!!! =s finishing off my assignment due in on monday morning.
Really want to post some of the assignment up here but unfortunately we arent allowed at the moment =( copyright and all that i think...but later on around april we should be allowed to reveal our work hopefully and then ill post something. Sweet!! raterz

Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Rocket Trails

yeah! finally got the rocket trails up!

Rocket Trails from Jonathan Mafi on Vimeo.
sound helps ALOT

3d Animation

yay! my mate Luke told me how i could embed from another site so ive been able to get my last years final animation posted now!!

Robot Animation from Jonathan Mafi on Vimeo.


For our tues assignment we had to make rocket trails, so got a snap shot from my animation. Chucked in the old lens flare =p Click for the larger full quality image.
Hopefully i will be able to put up the actual animation. Server here's being a bit silly and cant upload video footage =(

revival 3d update

So been working on the 3d Matty's face textures. Mainly the sub surface scattering.
Here are some renders. I think I'm gonna stop there, because from a distance and for fast shots i think it will look real enough.
This is Mattys upper skin layer. pretty boring but will
give him the paler skin colour.

too much bump on his skin!

too much reflection on his skin! the ears look better tho

changed the lighting a bit, man he needs eye textures.

This is my favourite, only one light source in this shot.

Monday, March 9, 2009


Thought i might post up the actual animation from which i made my header.

Fireworks & Wispy Smoke

We had to create Wispy Smoke and fireworks at school (these are always the first particle effects u learn aren't they?!? =p )

2009 at School! Maya particles

Currently in my 2nd year at Lifeway college learning 3d. Learning maya particles and softbodies at the moment. Hopefully will be able to upload some of my work from last year. I currently dont have it on this computer.
But for now ill post some exercises we've been doing with particles.